Alyssa Horvath

broadcast technician

Alyssa has been involved with film ever since her father handed her a camcorder at the age of 8. She progressed from home movies that were funded by paying the neighborhood kids in wintergreen mints, to graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Film/Video Production. Once she made her first student film, there was no going back. She officially exchanged a life of financial stability for that of the starving artist with absolutely no regrets. The energy that comes from creating a form of media that requires a certain passion and dedication is what draws her most to this field.

As Coal Creative’s Broadcast Technician, Alyssa is responsible for live streaming the show “NEPA Scene” in Coal Creative’s studio. It is imperative the broadcast technician prepares and assembles all cameras, microphones, and live stream programs so the show can start at the host’s leisure. During the broadcast the technician monitors various camera frames/angles, microphone levels, and maintains overall flow of the live stream.

Alyssa draws her experience from writing, directing, and editing films throughout her education and during an internship at a local public broadcasting station, WPSU. She worked as a production assistant on numerous projects and was an assistant editor and social media mediator for two documentaries; “A Time to Heal” and “Pennsylvania Folklore: Woven Together.” Being an intern meant being paid in experience and she’d say she was pretty wealthy by the end of those projects — not only did she strengthen her admiration for the hard work and determination required for a future in media production, but it called her attention to the pulse of local business.

Alyssa’s life is very much involved in art to some capacity. Whether singing at a festival or providing the entertainment for a Rockette Alumni meeting, music and performing have always held a special place in her heart. She plays the ukulele in her spare time and enjoys singing and writing songs, some of which can be found on iTunes. As for her physical well being – she has a background in tap, ballet, and jazz and is an avid skier during the winter months. You can find her carving down Montage or wearing the iconic red jacket of a ski patroller. Either way, she says she’s always wishing for snow.

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