Samuel O’Connell

creative director & production manager

Born one of 8 children, the son of a cartoonist and an art teacher, Samuel was raised with the latest creative tools and programs at his fingertips in a home where creativity was encouraged and fostered. He knew from an early age that he wanted to tell stories through video and spent many of his early years hand-writing scripts, devising characters, and fabricating worlds. In high school, Samuel was recognized as the SkillsUSA Pennsylvania State Champion student filmmaker. After graduating, he attended Point Park University in Pittsburgh, studying digital filmmaking.

While in Pittsburgh, he worked on major Hollywood productions like “Perks of Being a Wallflower”, before returning home to create a semi-autobiographical feature film titled “Milk Mustache”, which he wrote, directed, acted in, edited and created the soundtrack.

At age 27, Samuel has spent the past 10 years working professionally in the field of creative marketing and narrative film. Oftentimes partnering with Coal Creative’s own Matt Simoncavage at various jobs ranging from a local magazine and design agency to ultimately creating and developing Tunefly; an app that connects Artists, Fans, and Venues within their own music scene. When a one-off video project was offered to Coal Creative, Matt made the call to bring Sam in to get it done.

Since wrapping that project, Sam has been crucial in growing the video team and turning the program into the award-winning production studio that it is today. One of his favorite projects at Coal Creative was collaborating with the Social Fabric Collective’s Founder Jamie Smith to create a mini-doc called “Taken By Pictures”, which won Coal Creative a gold placement in the 2018 MARCOM awards.

Outside of Coal Creative, Sam loves the comforts of home, dedicating time to his family, creating music under the moniker “Noxen”, and binge-watching the hits.

Instagram: @thebestoconnell
Twitter: @SamuelOConnell
Facebook: @samuel.j.oconnell