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30 Nov 2016

Let’s Talk Results | Social Media Tips

Wow, Day 30. Today we’re going to talk about the importance of keeping track of what you do for your business on social media, the results, when to do it, how to do it and why to do it. Why you need to track Results on Social Media Over the last 29-days, we’ve given you […]

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29 Nov 2016

Customer Review Effects | Social Media Tips

When you’re online looking for a place to eat, do you tend to choose the restaurant with higher ratings? What about when you’re shopping on Amazon or looking for a hotel, do you decide to buy from the company with higher customer reviews? Today’s tip isn’t just about what effect customer reviews have on your […]

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28 Nov 2016

Get More LinkedIn | Social Media Tips

Sometimes, it can be difficult to get your message across on Facebook. Today, I want to talk about a magical place where people aren’t complaining about their relationship problems. They’re talking about business, they’re networking, they’re trying to find jobs and connect with business professionals. If you’re on Facebook wondering what I mean, give me […]

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27 Nov 2016

Want More Holiday Sales? | Social Media Tips

We get it. It’s the Holiday Season. Maybe sales aren’t exactly where you thought they would be. All you really need is for people to buy, buy, buy. So how do you do that? Want More Holiday Sales? Be More Active on Social Media! It’s the holiday season. Don’t panic. Actually, it’s alright for you […]

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26 Nov 2016

Creating a Social Buzz | Social Media Tips

In previous tips, we discussed the lifespan of your average tweet, the importance of quality content on Facebook and the effects that involving your employees can have on your social media reach. Today, I want to put all of these things together and give you a tip that can help you gain a social buzz […]

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25 Nov 2016

Social Media Audit | Social Media Tips

You’re supposed to visit the doctor for a yearly checkup, go to the dentist every 6 months, and get your car inspected before it expires. These are just some of the tasks we have to do in our lives to keep things running smoothly. Scheduling a review of your social media presence is no exception. […]

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24 Nov 2016

Customer Reviews: Positive & Negative | Social Media Tips

As business owners, customer reviews can make or break us, and we become obsessed with trying to find ways to make those negative reviews go away. But what are you doing to further along positive reviews?  Did you ever stop to just think to say… Today’s tip is about giving thanks to your customers. It’s […]

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23 Nov 2016

Twitter Profile Sizes | Social Media Tips

A few days ago we talked about the new cover photo sizes for your Facebook fan pages. Today I want to take some time to address a sizing issue that you might be experiencing on Twitter. And if you watch the video below thinking, something about this video looks unprofessional, it’s the exact reason why you […]

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22 Nov 2016

Hire a Professional | Social Media Tips

Your niece may know how The Facebook – but should they be handling your businesses? Today’s tip is about the importance of having the right person handling your ever sacred social media outreach. Your niece may know how to use The Facebook – but think about it: does she care? I mean, really care about […]

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21 Nov 2016

Instagram for Business | Social Media Tips

People say a picture is worth 1000 words which is probably why Instagram generates about 120 times more engagement per follow compared to Twitter alone. If you’re not on Instagram yet, here’s why we highly recommend creating an account today. The Benefits of using Instagram for Business Today’s tip is about the benefits of using […]

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