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15 Aug 2019

Wow, What a Week! | It’s a Wrap for Our Intern Video Project

Our Intern Video Project is finally here! After all of our hard work this summer, we are so excited to share with you our finished product. When we first arrived at Coal, Holly mentioned to us that we had the opportunity to create a summer video. Well, we were all for it! She gave us […]

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14 May 2019

Did you know: We have a teleprompter!

“WAIT! You have a teleprompter?!” Relief flooded the face of the nervous client, who clearly had stayed up that extra hour memorizing his pitch the night before — and despite that extra effort, lost every single word once the lights had been clicked on, and the cameras were ready to roll. “That’s incredible! Let’s load […]

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11 Oct 2018

#CoalClasses: Why does my business need Video Marketing?

Confused on digital marketing and all its parts? CoalCreative is here to help. Introducing #CoalClasses, your masterclass to bringing your organization into a digital world. When it comes to digital marketing, it is easy to get confused in all of its facets. This is because digital marketing its the newest form of marketing, and by […]

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01 Oct 2018

Northeast Sight Services Teams Up with CoalCreative to bring a personalized touch to their Centennial Celebrations

Northeast Sight Services used to be called the Greater Wilkes-Barre Association for the Blind. While this was a household name, the organization felt that the name wasn’t inclusive enough of all the amazing things they do for the visually impaired members of our community, not just the blind ones. So with 2018 being their 100 […]

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06 Aug 2018

Wow, What a Week! | Film Debut!

Happy Monday everyone! We’ve had a busy first two weeks of August, so we’re just now getting a chance to reflect on them! Our business development intern, Barry and our project manager, Jess were highlighted at the Penn State Wilkes-Barre Internship Appreciation breakfast on Friday, August 3 for their site supervisors / internship supervisors from […]

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25 Jun 2018

Wow, What a Week! | Kickballs and Video

Hi everyone! After an eventful week last week, we are ready to jump into this one with the same enthusiasm! We started off the week with some team bonding when we took a trip to Movies 14 for $5 movie Tuesday to see Hereditary. Thursday brought MORE team bonding when we participated in the Wilkes-Barre […]

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29 May 2018

Wow, What a Week! | Lights, Camera, Action – A Video Week!

Video is a huge part of what we do at CoalCreative and this week was no exception. Sam, Will and Alex (our video boys, as we like to call them) spent last week working on a multitude of video shoots that kept them very busy, which we love! Monday, we shot with Robyn Jones of […]

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20 Apr 2018

Wow, What a Week! | CoalCreative Takes Over TecBridge and More

Wow, What a Week! is a weekly blog highlighting our weeks at CoalCreative in all their wonderful, crazy glory. Check back every Friday to see what we’re up to week to week! Mondays, who likes them? Well, when they’re as creative and busy as they are at Coal, we all do! Monday included a video […]

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08 Aug 2017

NEPA Scene Weekly Videos

Are you interested in local arts, entertainment, and issues that matter to NorthEastern Pennsylvania? Look no further as NEPA Scene brings to you its weekly podcast via Facebook Live! Every Wednesday night at 7pm on the NEPA Scene Facebook page, guests ranging from a variety of occupations sit down for an hour-long interview that brings […]

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25 Jul 2017

LinkedIn Video & Getting Organized | Ep 2 | Coffee With Coal

Watch this week’s full episode of #CoffeeWithCoal plus get involved with our weekly Social Media Challenge! In Episode 2, we talk about LinkedIn video plus give you some insight on tools we use to help stay organized with tasks. This Week’s Challenge: Show us your office space and upload it using #CoffeeWithCoal – our favorites […]

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