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26 Aug 2019
Green Rhino Website Announcement Web Design

The new website for Green Rhino Builders LLC is now live!

From the very first meeting with the owners of Green Rhino Builders LLC, we knew their exciting energy would be a blast to match, and matching it was a challenge that our team was absolutely up for. The first “mock up” design of their website featured a rhino bursting from the top of a well […]

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26 Jul 2019

The new website for the Wyoming County Chamber is now live!

After exploring in depth the beauty of the landscape and the positivity and warmth of the people, we were thrilled at the opportunity to once again collaborate with the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce to create a resource for anyone looking to live, work or play in Wyoming County. When you first visit the new […]

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24 Jul 2019
The new website for the Family Service Association NEPA is now live!

The new website for the Family Service Association NEPA is now live!

We were first approached to infuse some new life into the organizations web portal, and to create a user-friendly experience for anyone looking to learn more about FSA programs or opportunities. Chief Advancement Officer Amber Loomis stated “Working with Coal Creative has been a wonderful experience! We are so grateful for their expertise and are […]

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22 May 2019

At Coal Creative, we LOVE brand development

In the world of marketing, there is little more exciting than working with a business or organization that is just getting started. It’s that “blank slate” feeling of helping an excited client fully realize what their business could be and how it will be represented to their clients. We like to call marketing “Story Sharing”, […]

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13 May 2019

Check Out The New Wyoming Valley Aids Council Website!

Our web design and development team recently wrapped up and launched the new Wyoming Valley Aids Council (WVAC) website. The mission of WVAC is to offer support to people living with HIV/AIDS and their families, to promote family stability in coping with the unique challenges of living with HIV/AIDS, to educate the community and prevent […]

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03 Apr 2019

GUIDE Website and Branding!

The team at Coal Creative is very excited to  share GUIDE’s website and branding! The GUIDE community is comprised of growth-minded people that provide support, challenge, and guidance. These connections can be created online or as an extension of existing real-world relationships. The collaboration was so exciting as it involved every team member to be involved […]

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20 Feb 2019

Launching Legacy in a Glass Website and Branding!

The team at Coal Creative is very excited to launch and share one of our newest client’s website and branding! Legacy in a Glass will give a unique opportunity to growers, wineries, retailers and suppliers through their offered solutions related to Tasting For Quality, Developing An MSRP, Packaging Advice, Labeling, Creating A Story, and Brand […]

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19 Nov 2018

Perry’s Walnut Lane Farms | New Website!

Perry’s Walnut Lane Farms came to us with the task of creating an online presence for them, including a website and logo. They wanted to stay true to their roots and include their history. This long family run business was thrilled with the result, featuring bright but neutral colors and photos that showcase their traditional, […]

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20 Sep 2018

Northeast Pennsylvania Regional HIV Services has a new website!

Our team loves getting the opportunity to work with organizations that are doing their part everyday to make a difference in our community, so when we were asked to create a website for NEPA Regional HIV Services, we jumped at the chance. NEPA Regional HIV Services offers support services to assist people, living with HIV/AIDS, to […]

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27 Jun 2018

Check Out TCAC’s New Website!

We recently worked with the the Treatment Court Advocacy Center of Lackawanna County to create a website to promote their upcoming event. With collaboration between their president, Frank and our team, we were able to get the site up and live within a week! As a nonprofit organization, the Treatment Court Advocacy Center of Lackawanna […]

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