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04 Mar 2021
The O'Pake Institute for Economic Development & Leadership website is live!

O’Pake Institute Launches New Website

Our endlessly talented web team has done it again! Over the last few months, Matt and Travis have been hard at work on creating a new website for Alvernia University’s O’Pake Institute, and we’re proud to announce that the site is officially live!  The O’Pake Institute for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship fosters the economic growth […]

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23 Jan 2020

The Fuel Behind Coal Creative’s Web Design and Development Team

Coal Creative was initially formed as an opportunity to freelance the design and development of Websites here in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Through collaborations with the Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce and other notable local businesses, opportunities continued to arise. This led our founder Gerard Durling to send out a job posting on social media. Our Lead […]

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03 Dec 2019

Collaboration Highlight: Maxx Strength

In 2019, the innovative power-couple behind Maxx Bench, honed in on their product line of revolutionary workout equipment with the mission of “Pressing The Limits Of Performance & Innovation” under the new umbrella brand of “Maxx Strength”. We had previously collaborated with them to film and edit high-intensity workout videos for a separate, still in […]

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26 Aug 2019
Green Rhino Website Announcement Web Design

The new website for Green Rhino Builders LLC is now live!

From the very first meeting with the owners of Green Rhino Builders LLC, we knew their exciting energy would be a blast to match, and matching it was a challenge that our team was absolutely up for. The first “mock up” design of their website featured a rhino bursting from the top of a well […]

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08 Jan 2018

Fader Plugs New Website!

When Fader Plugs won the 2017 TecBRIDGE Business Plan Competition, one of the services won was the opportunity to work with CoalCreative. They wanted us to create a website for them to go along with the release of their Kickstarter. The idea was to showcase their product more and we set the site up so […]

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26 Jul 2017

Great Escape Floatation Center New Website!

This past month we had the opportunity to meet with Brad Wells, owner of the Great Escape Floatation Center, and his team to discuss ideas for a new website they needed. Brad told us all about his Float Pod and its amazing features including an intercom, touch-of-a-button LED lighting, and the ability to listen to […]

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