To celebrate pride, we want to shine a light on an organization that is working tirelessly to provide advocacy, education and support to those in the LGBTQ+ community in NEPA and beyond. Beyond being passionate cheerleaders of the Rainbow Alliance, multiple members of our leadership team volunteer and serve on the board of directors for the organization and lead the marketing committee.

The mission of the Rainbow Allianceis cultivating a future where all people in NEPA and beyond can live openly and free from fear; where individuals, organizations, and businesses work collaboratively to build an equal, inclusive community; and where we celebrate and nurture our diversity.

Pride Month 2021 | Recap

June Creative Meetup

Our June Creative Meetup was hosted in partnership with NEPA Rainbow Alliance as we celebrate LGBTQ+ Creatives in honor of Pride Month! Our free monthly creative meetups promote collaboration, brainstorming, and sheer moral support for creatives in NEPA.

Ms. and Mr. NEPA PrideFest Pageant

On Saturday, June 12 at 7:00 PM the Rainbow Allaince held the annual Ms. and Mr. NEPA PrideFest Pageant, a regional drag competition, live streamed on the Rainbow Alliance’s Facebook page.

Contestants competed for each title across three categories (Pride attire, On-Stage Q&A, and Talent) to prove they have the excellence to be the face of Pride in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Drag performers have always been a symbol for awareness, advocacy, and resilience within the LGBTQ+ community. The Rainbow Alliance proudly host this pageant to celebrate all of the past performers who have used their art to make a difference and provide this platform to amplify the voices of current and next generation performers to do the same.

2021 NEPA PrideFest - Live Out Proud

The Rainbow Alliance recently shared that this year’s Pridefest theme is “Live Out Proud”, an important call to live our truth and love ourselves, even in the face of adversity. This is especially important at a time when state legislatures, including in PA, are proposing anti-trans legislation targeting trans, gender nonconforming, and gender nonbinary youth, excluding them from youth sports and denying them gender-affirming medical care. The organization believes that we must not only speak our truth but speak it loudly. We collectively can use our voices to be seen and heard to affect the change we need and deserve. Visibility matters. Pride matters.

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