Video Marketing

fuel your video.

It’s really no secret that video has become the most powerful digital marketing tool available today. At Coal Creative, our team specializes in video production and setting your brand apart with quality video content utilizing our in-house green screen and equipment. Whether your vision is a(n):

• Commercial
• Promotion
• Interview
• Documentary
• Narrative
• Animation

Let our award-winning video team help you connect with your target audience through compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging videos that tell your story while making your business come to life. A video, when done right can make your business unforgettable.

green screen filming

Sometimes shooting on location is tough. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Wilkes-Barre and is outfitted with a green screen studio that allows flexibility in design and concept. We’ll shoot your segment from multiple cameras and seamlessly edit the best of the best into a smooth and cohesive piece.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable reciting lines in front of a camera. Our studio is equipped with a teleprompter to ensure your message gets to your audience perfectly.

on-location filming

Have camera, will travel. Whether it’s in our own backyard or across the country, our video production team is nimble and efficient in set up, shooting and tear down at the location your vision calls for.

We also have a mobile green screen for any shoots that require special effects or the flexibility of a blank background.

storyboarding / scripting

“I’ve got the vision” is a phrase you’ll hear after an initial brainstorm with our lead videographer. Before the cameras start rolling, our team will take the passion, ideas and concepts of your business and translate them into an outline that builds its way to your goal.

We know you are the expert at what you do. Our team is highly collaborative as we craft your message. This phase of video production is not only critical in ensuring a smooth, stress-free shoot, it also gives you a clear idea of what the final product will look and feel like.


They say when an actor wins an award for a performance, they should thank the editor.  The job of taking all of the footage (the good, the bad and the ugly) and piecing it all together in a way that clearly, efficiently and oftentimes powerfully conveys the desired message, is no small task and can make or break the final product.

Our award-winning editing team will take your project across the finish line, delivering your vision on time, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.