Adam Roberts

content writer

Adam loves discovering and telling a great story. At Coal Creative, he works with our collaborators to deliver their messages. An enthusiastic self-starter, Adam likes to learn as much as possible and then bring the narrative to life.

Adam has worked as a journalist and content marketing specialist. He knows what questions to ask to get to the core of a story, and how to transform that information into succinct, effective content.

Aside from penning articles and blogs, Adam has always been on the front lines of social media for business. He uses his journalistic instincts and a firm footing in analytics to develop content ideas. Adam also understands the power of a vibrant online community.

Adam spent 10 years in Boston before returning to NEPA. He loves spending time with his wonderful friends and family, including his wife, toddler son and two standard poodles.

Adam is a sports fanatic with a passion for collecting fitted hats. He stays up to date on the latest trends and styles in the hat world. He’s drawn to designs with interesting stories and unique perspectives. Check out his hat collection on Instagram.