Brianna Redding

social media & content specialist

From the time she could pick up a pencil, writing has been a huge part of Brianna Redding’s skill set. Raised by two writers, she often jokes that it’s one of the only things she knows how to do. Brianna began writing songs, poems, and short stories as a child, and eventually went on to major in Journalism in college. After graduating, she spent several years working as a freelance writer until landing her first full-time gig. Working in a fast-paced professional environment taught Brianna a lot, not only about the industry, but about herself as well.

It was during this time that Brianna discovered a passion for social media. As someone who uses social media every day, she quickly realized that her dream job would involve working with businesses to help grow their social media presence. Brianna now holds a position as Coal Creative’s first ever Social Media & Content Specialist, where she primarily works with clients to grow their social media and increase engagement in creative ways.

When she’s not at the office, Brianna enjoys cooking, particularly plant-based meals. A vegetarian of almost four years, Brianna is slowly enjoying the transition to a fully vegan lifestyle. Her ultimate goal is to write a cookbook with the help of her vegan friends, but for now, she’s still working on mastering a few basic plant-based recipes.

To learn more about Brianna or to connect with her, feel free to visit her LinkedIn profile here.