John Martin

web specialist

John brings a collaborative spirit to the web team, where he builds inspired websites using HTML and CSS.

As a kid, he designed websites for fun with his best friend. Now, as his career trajectory tilts upward, he does it professionally.

He studied information sciences and technology, as well as security risk analysis, at Penn State Scranton. He has a background in user experience design and is interested in usability engineering. His fascination with technology seeps into his personal pursuits. He’s always exploring breakthroughs in programming, networking, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency.

His team player mentality probably comes from his high school and college years, when he played sports (ask him about the buzzer-beater he shot to win a basketball game) and collaborated on high-level group projects in college.

He also understands balance. So in his free time, he does something utterly analog and collects baseball cards. He’s also not afraid to get dirty and enjoys catching fish and camping.