26 Apr 2020

Staying Connected | Day Twenty-Six | Coal Creative

  In this week’s Sunday reflection, CEO Holly encourages us all to find time to relax. For many of us, we’re feeling busier than ever – perhaps even more productive with less distractions and the lack of in-person meetings – but we’re also finding ourselves mentally and emotionally drained.   With this in mind, Holly […]

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25 Apr 2020

Staying Connected | Day Twenty-Five | Coal Creative

Be sure to check out the upcoming Bricks and Mortar to Clicks and Order event! It’s happening this Wednesday, April 29th at 10AM via Zoom. The event is free and brought to all of you in partnership by Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce and Back Mountain Chamber!   There will be panelists from Coal Creative, […]

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24 Apr 2020

Staying Connected | Day Twenty-Four | Coal Creative Featuring Luzerne County Manager, Dave Pedri

Holly sat down with Dave Pedri, Luzerne County Manager, to discuss their response the new formulated Crisis Team, updates around the upcoming primary elections (you can now vote by mail!), the plans around Rockin’ The River, and insight into the new testing area located at the arena. Referenced links: Luzerne County PA Covid-19 Task Force […]

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23 Apr 2020

Staying Connected | Day Twenty Three | Coal Creative Featuring the F.M. Kirby Center

We truly miss seeing the LIFE and energy the F.M. Kirby Center brings to our downtown, so in today’s video Holly sat down to chat with Anne Rodella. Tune in for updates, to learn how you can support them, and how they continue to stay connected during this time! https://www.kirbycenter.org/support/our-case/  1,717 total views,  1 views today

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22 Apr 2020

Staying Connected | Day Twenty-Two| Coal Creative

We’re about a month into quarantine and Holly is FEELING it. Here’s a not-so-typical daily video about her new workspace but mostly a behind-the-scenes look at how all of these videos actually go. Enjoy! *The real ask of this video is to show us your workspace – no matter how makeshift! Bonus points for plants […]

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