16 Nov 2016

Fear of Missing Out | Social Media Tips

Today only – I’m going to share with you the biggest secret about social media yet. We’re really not supposed to talk about it, but if you… It’s the Fear of Missing Out on Social Media At the beginning of this video, I began saying something that hopefully made you want to continue watching and […]

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15 Nov 2016

Tweet More Often | Social Media Tips

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they’re all different and you might be shocked to learn that the average lifespan of a tweet last less than 18-minutes. So how in the hell do you keep up with that? Tweet more often! Today, we’re going to talk about how you can make the most of your marketing efforts on […]

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14 Nov 2016

Retain Website Leads | Social Media Tips

Have you ever visited a website and had this happen to you? If you’re building a new Facebook fan page for your business or trying to increase your customer reach, this is a tip that you might find annoying but could actually have some really effective and fast results. Retain potential Customers with Pop-up Modals I […]

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13 Nov 2016

Facebook & LinkedIn Groups | Social Media Tips

Have you ever gotten that random notification that someone has sent you a request to join a Facebook group? Well… today we’re going to tell you why you might want to take a moment to see what those groups are all about. Why you should check out Facebook & LinkedIn Groups Today’s tip is based […]

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12 Nov 2016

How to use Live Video | Social Media Tips

You don’t always need to be writing posts in order to talk to your audience. Today, we’re going to talk about a way you can improve your Social Media reach in a way that could actually take less effort than writing posts. How you can use Facebook Live Video Today we’re going to talk about […]

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11 Nov 2016

Tag & Give Credit | Social Media Tips

Social Media isn’t always about you or your brand. Sometimes it’s about giving credit to other people or businesses that helped your business get to where it is. Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of cross-promotion. Remember to put “being social” into your Social Media efforts Today I’d like to talk about the […]

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10 Nov 2016

Timing your Content Delivery | Social Media Tips

Knowing who your Audience is, is incredibly important Knowing if they’re male or female, their age range, location, interests – just to name a few, these are all important things to know when you’re creating a social media strategy. But timing is just as important as any of them and thankfully, most social networks have […]

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09 Nov 2016

Daily Trending Topics | Social Media Tips

It’s possible that some days, you just can’t think of what to write and that’s okay. Today I’m going to introduce you to hashtags that you can utilize for inspiration for every day of the week. Using Daily Trending Topics on your Social Media Today, we are going to talk about why your company should […]

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08 Nov 2016

Stop starting Tweets with a Period | Social Media Tips

If you’re a user on Twitter, you might have noticed that people are putting a period before addressing a Twitter user. Today we’re going to talk to you about why you don’t need to do that anymore. Stop starting Tweets with a Period Maybe you’ve found yourself in a situation like this before.. you wanted […]

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07 Nov 2016

Create Shareable Website Content | Social Media Tips

As you read this, I’’ve created new content that’s now available on our website… so when’s the last time you updated your website? Create Shareable Content on your Website If you’’re not sure when the last time you updated your website with valuable content is, let’s talk. If you’’re like most people who had a Livejournal […]

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