04 Nov 2016

Secret to Sharing on Facebook | Social Media Tips

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, I think its time for me to let you know that over the last month, I’ve been conducting an experiment on you… Over the last month, I’ve been sharing posts from our business Facebook page to my personal profile. Some days, I just share the post without saying […]

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03 Nov 2016

Humanize Your Brand | Social Media Tips

How many employees do you have within your company? 5, 50, 500? How many of those employees do you actively involve in your social media? Humanize your Brand on Social Media Today’’s tip is focused around the idea that involving your employees in your brand and culture is extremely important. It only makes sense to […]

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02 Nov 2016

Gain More Facebook Likes | Social Media Tips

This week, we gained over 200 Likes on our Facebook page by doing this one… simple.. thing. Today, I’m going to show you a very easy way to gain new likes on your Facebook fanpage and it won’t cost you any money. The next time you make a post on your Facebook page, pay attention […]

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01 Nov 2016

Being Consistent is Important | Social Media Tips

Over the next 30-days we’re going to give you 30 different social media tips and show you the results of what being consistent on social media can do for your business. So the first tip is simply that – to be consistent with your social media efforts. It’s so easy to get frustrated when you […]

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23 Sep 2015

WATCH: There’s Nothing to do in NEPA!

This Summer, we asked our interns at CoalCreative.com to find out what there is to do in Northeastern Pennsylvania. When they asked their friends for ideas of things to do, the common opinion seemed to be that “There’s NOTHING to do in NEPA”. So, never ones to back down from a Challenge, our know-it-all interns […]

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01 Jul 2015

5 “Easy” Ways to Bring Your Business Online

  We’ve wrapped “easy” in quotes here because even though they can be “easy” – being consistent with them isn’t. Getting your business online can be overwhelming. With over a million different things to consider – where do you begin? We’re here to help simplify it. We’ve hand picked 5 “Easy” Ways to Bring Your Business Online. Let’s get started being in the […]

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18 Jun 2015

A Look at Your Marketing Department.

Your marketing department is your company. Love it or hate it— marketing is how, and why your business thrives. Marketing keeps your business fresh, introduces new clients, keeps current clients in the loop, and creates revenue. And whether you’re actively focused on it or not— you’re still marketing your business to current and potential clients in this very moment. A […]

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11 Jun 2015

Our Summer Interns are bringing something BIG to NEPA

Coal Creative always scores driven, intelligent interns. Last semester, Steve and Tre took their project ZU, on Thursday Nights at The Woodlands, to the next level. Their success is derived by virtue of a Wilkes University education- but also because our area continues to produce high quality people. In our opinion, interns, and the demographic they […]

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04 Jun 2015

Support Local Music & We’ll Buy You a Drink

Northeastern Pennsylvania is home to some of the best musicians alive. There’s a long list of them who’ve “made it,” and another list of hometown natives who continue to kill it globally— but fame isn’t the point. What about NEPA’s strengths, abilities, and creative spirit? Turn any corner, go into any of NEPA Scene’s open […]

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10 Jun 2014

Why EVERYONE should attend NEPA Blogcon

Think of it like a networking mixer event, except that you’ll actually learn something! “But what could I possibly learn about blogging?” Blogging isn’t just one of your friends complaining about their relationship online. You might think of a blog as if it’s a diary or a personal journal, but it’s evolved to become much more than […]

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