Arron Mixell

web specialist

Arron is our ace for website maintenance and elevation. Whether it’s time for an update, critical fix, or total overhaul, he’s always on deck to ensure our collaborators’ main online hubs are running smoothly and looking their best.

After a three-month stint as an intern, Arron fell in love with the culture and colleagues at Coal—and we were equally enamored by his diligence and skill. Thus, when his internship was coming to an end, it was a no-brainer to transform our temporary partnership into an enduring alliance. 

Unlike some others in his field, Arron didn’t attend college. Instead, he opted for self-study while daylighting as a delivery driver and maintenance worker for medical equipment. Now, he aspires to deliver breathtaking web design from the ground up and maintain sites to the highest degree.

When he’s not clacking away on his keyboard, Arron can be found spinning and solving a scrambled Rubik’s cube or banging his head as the lead vocalist of his metal band, Escape Artist. On top of this hardcore hobby, Arron also has some admittedly nerdy loves (just like the rest of us): watching documentaries and YouTube gaming channels, perusing pictures of cute cats, and shredding his way to high scores in Guitar Hero.

It takes a keen eye to be able to solve cryptic cubes and pick out minor kinks in codes. Arron, however, is quite a special character—and he’s a critical member of the Coal Crew.

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