Matt Simoncavage

lead web developer & lead designer

Matt is our visual problem solver. He uses his natural skills and sharp artistic sense to create logos, design print projects from start to finish and build jaw-dropping custom websites.

Like any good prodigy, Matt started creating visual art in childhood. He got his first job at 16 with a local magazine publisher. It showed him the world of graphic design, and soon he began designing custom websites. He had the skills, but just needed the credentials, so he earned associates degrees in graphic design and advertising design from Luzerne County Community College.

In 2015, he and Sam conceived of a mobile app for location-based music discovery called Tunefly. Matt left his job and spent four months learning programming. He built the first version of Tunefly completely from scratch. The endeavor took Matt and Sam across the country, and the app attracted thousands of daily users in more than 700 cities around the world.

Matt joined the Coal Creative team in 2016 as its first full-time employee. He is now the Lead Web Developer and Lead Designer. His favorite Coal Creative project so far was designing a 200-plus-page book on the history of Harveys Lake, complete with hundreds of photos and an accompanying website.

View some of Matt’s favorite projects over the years at his personal portfolio website,

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