The Bountiful Benefits of Keeping Coal on Retainer

Expanding businesses have complex creative concerns. From the budding seed of a simple, yet beautiful logo, brands can quickly grow to need video, visual and written content to engage and connect with their audiences.

And, when your business really hits, your fans will be ever-hungry for more posts, pictures and creative productions. Luckily, there’s a creative agency in Northeast Pennsylvania that can help you deliver the awe-inspiring, engaging content your customers, clients and connections crave.

Coal elevates the essential elements that fuel your brand—from social media strategy to video production and graphic design, we’re your companion in creativity. And, when you become a retainer client with Coal, you’ll unlock some of the best benefits in the business—including unfettered access to all our services, consistent communication and collaboration and the confidence of knowing NEPA’s most capable creatives have your back.

#1: Keep the Keys to Coal’s Creative Closet

When you become a retainer client with Coal, you’re instantly invited into the family. As a close collaborative partner, you’ll gain access to every service we specialize in. And when we say every service, we really mean it. With Coal powering your creative engine, you can unlock:

  • Catered social media content creation complete with graphic and video design, seamlessly implanted ads and other engaging elements that keep users on your page
  • Website design and content, including powerfully penned blog posts that drive more traffic to your page
  • Bold branding services, including impeccable logo design and messaging guidelines that distinguish your business from its competitors
  • Bespoke ad design for whatever your business needs—from digital platforms to billboards and traditional print mediums like magazines and newspapers
  • Email marketing campaigns that drive new subscriptions and effortlessly integrate new users into your website
  • Videos and commercials coordinated into energetic over-the-top (OTT) and social media campaigns

Providing consistent, on-brand content across these different styles and mediums is critical, as customers no longer encounter companies at just one touchpoint—on average, it’s across six [1].

Furthermore, they expect a consistent experience on all of them. That means the same playful humor in your Instagram and TikTok ads, a recognizable color palette on your web and print ads, and a signature voice in all written correspondences. As a retainer client, Coal works to implement all of these creative forms and more to suit your personal desires and business’s direction.

But how do we ensure our content flows seamlessly into your branding and marketing strategy?

Let’s talk about it.

#2: Strategically Steer Your Ship with Consistent Communications

Retainer partners are invited to meet with Coal on a monthly basis—at a minimum—to review our relationship and collaborate on effective marketing strategies. While you’ll stay firmly at the helm, we’ll be your loyal co-captain ready to suggest a route or take the wheel when you need it.

Put simply, with Coal on retainer, we become an extension of your business, working carefully with existing marketing teams. Collaborating with external creatives has meant big boons for businesses as of late, with the market for such partnerships expanding by nearly 30% in 2021 alone [2].

More marketing masterminds means more resources to determine and accomplish creative and advertising goals. Whether it’s crafting a theme for your next social media campaign or reimagining your entire aesthetic, our creative team helps you achieve it faster and exceed your highest expectations. 

What’s more, as a retainer client, you don’t have to draft up additional contracts, proposals and offers for every piece of work. Your monthly budget can be put toward whatever services are most relevant at the moment (we’ll iron out the specifics over our monthly catch-up). 

#3: Rest Easy with Coal’s Capable Crew of Creatives On Every Job

While we’re not fans of tooting our own horn, we’ll gladly point out when others do it for us. Perhaps the most blatant benefit of becoming a retainer client with Coal is teaming up with an award-winning agency that has the skills and know-how to deliver poignant video, visual and written content. Don’t just take our word for it, however, take:

  • The American Business Awards’ – In 2022, Coal took home two medals for outstanding videos, including first place for their epic Hocsocx spot that taught us all It’s what’s underneath that counts. 
  • The American Advertising Foundation’s (AAF) – The AAF’s American Advertising Awards recognized Coal’s 2022 work on The Bench Project as the winner of the Brand Campaign category. We’d love for you to sit with us and see how we can craft an equally evocative campaign to suit your brand’s image.
  • Times Leader Media Group’s – We were honored when, in both 2021 and 2022, Times Leader Media Group’s Best of the Best recognized us as its top Video Production and Ad Agency. We were also particularly proud when they named us one of the best places to work in NEPA not once, but five times running.

With Coal on retainer, you’ll never have to worry: Will my marketing agency be up to this task?

Our highly skilled, knowledgeable and imaginative creators specialize in a diverse range of skills. From corralling clients to fine-tuning special effects and writing emotionally evocative stories, we’ll combine our creative capacities to deliver salient, sizzling content that meets the evolving needs of your brand.

Reap the Rewards of Keeping Coal on Retainer

Whether you’ve worked closely with us in the past or it’s your first time experiencing our services (oh boy, are we excited for you!), any brand can benefit from keeping Coal on retainer. 

Having a marketing agency that knows your brand and can help you grow as a company facilitates smooth, satisfying workflows and results. Coal taps into the very pulse of your organization to learn what makes it tick. From messaging to aesthetics to strategy, Coal is the creative agency that understands your brand’s vision and has your back as you steer toward success.

 To see firsthand how joining the ranks of Coal’s retainer clients can keep you on top of your business’ growing creative needs, request a proposal. 



[1] “Modern Customers Expect An Omnichannel Experience, And Marketers Need To Rise To The Occasion.” Forbes. November 1, 2021. [Online] Available: Accessed September 23, 2023.

[2] “Growth rate of U.S. agency revenue from 2009 to 2022, by discipline.” Statista. April 2023. [Online] Available: Accessed September 23, 2023.

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