Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown

jeremy brown

Operations Director

Across every major function of the company—from proposals, projects and invoicing to communications, time-tracking, and procedures—Jeremy works tirelessly to ensure that we’re operating efficiently while producing high-quality output. In doing this, he directs in a firm-but-fun fashion, which has positively influenced our team to do their best work, and to have fun while doing it.

Jeremy started wrangling art and design projects over 10 years ago, working as an operational manager by day and a freelance designer by night. He saw that formal project management techniques were a necessity and enrolled at Penn State University, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in business management.

As an adult student, he led peer groups such as the Business Club and attended every local entrepreneur and small business event available. Through these networking and leadership opportunities he connected with Coal Creative.

He kept active outside the classroom, designing hundreds of professional print documents, building dozens of websites, creating and selling tens of thousands of stickers, and even leading the design, layout, and publishing efforts behind several books for local authors.

When he’s not directing operations at Coal Creative, Jeremy passionately pursues design and art projects, always striving to create digital experiences that make people smile. His most popular work is (@wallacedotdog), an ongoing animation series highlighting the adventures of his pet Corgi as a pixel pup.

Animations Created
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