Mia Cundro

Mia Cundro

mia cundro

Design Specialist

Effective and memorable design sits at the heart of Coal Creative’s purpose.

Coincidentally, that’s where Mia likes to hang out.
As Coal Creative’s Design Specialist, Mia develops stunning images including illustrations and graphics. Her work often serves as the face for campaigns that the rest of the team works behind the scenes to produce.

Her path to graphic design feels pretty cinematic. No one else in her family has artistic inclinations, and the STEM high school she went to had no art class. She didn’t even know graphic design could be a career. At that point, she had a knack for math and was bracing to settle for a career in engineering or, heaven forbid, physics.

Her high school, however, did have a web design class with an attentive instructor who noticed her feverish doodling. His guidance led her to apply for York College of Pennsylvania’s inaugural Bachelor of Fine Arts program. She excelled so much there that the school hired her to design a recruitment poster, a pivotal moment that erased any doubt she could do this professionally.

When she’s not hard at work developing artwork for collaborators, Mia draws to hone her craft. She also loves nature, hiking, and animals.

Check out her portfolio on Behance.

Pets Mia Lives With
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