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During the COVID-19 crisis, we watched our world go virtual. From meetings, to parties, to graduations and a wide variety of other events, humans adapted and used modern technology to continue to connect with one another.
Whether it is a fundraising event that is critical to the day to day operations of a business or organization, an event that honors an individual or group or something else entirely, Coal Creative has the services, technology and team to take your event virtual.  Through the use of video, social media and web design, we can create a custom, interactive experience for attendees to connect with each other in a unique and special way.
While sometimes nothing can beat attending an event in person, we can collaborate with you, your business or organization to ensure that your event is not postponed or canceled.

live video broadcast

Take your event live on social media or a website landing page utilizing the latest and greatest in live video broadcast production. Your live video can be free to view or require registration.
Pro-Tip: Give your attendees the best possible experience by combining pre-recorded segments with true-live video

website landing page

Create a hub for your attendees to interact with your messaging, sponsor information, speakers or each other!
Pro-Tip: We can create a password protected page for private events!

video production

Whether it is premiered using a video conference presentation, published on a landing page or social media platform, Coal Creative can collaborate to produce stunning video content for your virtual event. Interviews, remarks, sponsor information
Pro-Tip: One of the positive elements of video production is that the event experience can be used for promotion on social media or web platforms long after the event is over.


Prior to the pandemic, our team took pride in our ability to help plan, produce and deliver content that was often the highlight of an event. As more of our favorite events make the transition from in-person to virtual, we have adapted our services and are working closely with organizers and planners to create custom strategies to take these events virtual with the best possible outcomes.

take your event virtual

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