William McHale

post-production manager

Will’s passion for video started in his youth when he began making “films” with his parents VHS camcorder. When his childhood movie directing career didn’t quite pan out, he went on to further his passion in real-world applications by studying Video Production and Communications at Misericordia University, where he graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Will is now the Post-Production Manager at Coal Creative, where he writes, directs, shoots, and edits content ranging from short social media content to full commercials and documentaries. His favorite project so far was a documentary-style film created for the 2018 Governor’s Awards for the Arts, which received a MARCOM Gold Award in the category of Video/Film.

When not behind the camera, Will’s time is filled with all things music. He enjoys writing, recording, and performing tunes alongside his band Rosary Guild, as well as recording and playing with other musicians in his social circle. He is an avid collector of noise makers and half-broken musical equipment, and is currently accepting donations and/or trades.