Virtues Of Video

Video is the most potent medium your brand can use to convey your vision and values to consumers. In fact, 91% of today’s marketers are already using video content to boost their online presence and reel in engaged users (and the rest of them are seriously missing out) [1]. 

Video is also the Internet’s favorite way of connecting, with YouTube being far and away the most popular social media site [2].

Video production is no simple feat, however. For one, stale content can leave users disappointed and dissatisfied. But, with high-quality, thoughtful and captivating videos, your brand can reach a booming base of interested consumers.

(And if you need a co-star to help create silver-screen quality clips and radiant reels, look no further than the creative masterminds behind the cameras at Coal.)


Video’s Value, By The Numbers

Video is the medium users can see and believe. It allows you to show your audience base what your brand is all about and tell them compelling stories that fuel engagement and develop your online presence.

Videos can more dynamically express your brand’s thoughts, vision and aesthetics compared to static text and images. But you might be asking yourself: can catered video production expand your user base and add value to your brand?

It sure can. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why. 


Video Reaches the Internet’s Largest Audience

According to recent studies, nearly 92% of Internet users watch videos when they go online [3]. That’s a higher percentage than pretty much any other activity, including web favorites such as:

  • Reading the news (72%) [4]
  • Accessing social media (59.9%) [5]
  • Purchasing from online shopping sites (33.3%) [6]

Through engaging videos, your brand can connect with the largest segment of the Internet’s population in the space they’re most comfortable with. Which, in turn, leads to a high degree of trust in video as a medium.


Consumers Trust Video More

When it comes to advertising channels, video garners the confidence of the majority of Internet users. In fact, over two-thirds of consumers deem online video ads to be trustworthy [7].

Videos add a personal touch to your brand’s image. They allow you to infuse authenticity and informative value into your messaging. It gives your viewers the sense that they’re making a personal connection to your brand—one that they’re meeting nearly face-to-face. 


Marketing Experts See the ROI

As mentioned, nearly every marketing agency (91%) is already using video content to boost the prowess of their brands. Likewise, the vast majority of this vast majority (87%) say that video provides a positive return on investment [8].

Videos can compel audiences, be shared on social media and generate copious click-thrus, often without putting a single penny behind them. Every dollar you allot for video production pays dividends when you’re reaping the rewards of increased traffic and conversions [9].


Making Lasting Impressions With Video

It’s clear that venerable videos pull in users and can bring a big boon to your brand. They have the power to:

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Persuade

But, before they can do any of that, videos need to resonate with their viewers. 

On YouTube alone, over 500 hours of video content is uploaded every single minute [10]. To stand out in this sea of quotidian clips, brands need to offer up content with:

  • Aesthetics that align with your brand’s look and feel 
  • Compelling stories that resonate with your target audience
  • Meaningful messages that evoke emotion and action

Video production, however, is highly-skilled work that requires technical expertise, candid creativity and specialized equipment. Luckily, there’s a certain creative agency in Northeast Pennsylvania that brings all three to the studio.


Catered Video Creation: Where Coal Creative Comes In

Coal Creative’s video team has the camera chops, enlightened editing abilities and industry know-how to bring your production from thought to shot. Whether they’re recording tactful testimonials or making an entire season of high-stakes, high-energy wrestling action, there isn’t a video project outside of their expert scope.

Our range of practical, technical and creative skills is wider than the mighty Appalachians that sprawl across our NEPA home. If you’re looking for stories that speak to your audience, aesthetics that are effortlessly on-brand and content that compels click-thrus, look no further than Coal Creative for:

  • Ideation – From brainstorming to storyboarding to drafting superlative scripts, we have all the bases covered when it comes to creating a nifty narrative for your video. We’ll work closely alongside your creative leads to ensure that everything, from the lines to the lighting, matches your vision for your brand.
  • Filming – Whether you want us live on location in the Alaskan wilderness or would rather have us simulate it in our professional green screen studio, your viewers will be fully immersed in the setting you choose for your video. And, with an array of cutting-edge cameras, mobile green screens and drone technology at our disposal, we’ll capture everything in stunning quality without missing a shot.
  • Finalization – Shooting is only half the journey. From cutting clips and enhancing color in the editing studio to adding in special effects, credits and other striking visual elements in post-production, our team’s technical skills transform your raw video from plain to powerful. 

Videos come in many different styles and serve a plethora of purposes. They can showcase products and services, engage with users and give brands a more robust, reputable image. 

To add professional flair to your brand’s video, you can trust Coal Creative in the director’s chair.


Shoot Something Sensational With Coal Creative

Whether it’s promotional, social or informational, at Coal Creative, we know video. We’ve shook our hips with Elvis and slid alongside skilled snowboarders on our journey to capture captivating clips for our collaborators—and that’s just the beginning.

So, if you’re looking for Spielberg-style directing, Michael Bay-level visual effects or the mass appeal of a Cameron classic, choose Coal for your video production needs.

We work with all kinds of businesses, charities and other organizations to make tailored video content that appeals to their followers and conveys their message. Request a proposal to see what kind of custom clip we can cook up for your brand.



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