Alex Manganella

Alex Manganella

alex manganella

Production Manager

Alex leads our video production team as they turn proposals on paper into award-winning films and promotional videos.

That means he helps shape expectations around realistic goals, then makes sure the team and gear arrive on site when it’s time to roll cameras.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in film and media arts at Temple University, where he studied under award-winning filmmakers.

At Coal Creative, Alex contributed to notable video projects for the America250 campaign, The Masked Wrestler, and many of Coal Creative’s fun skits.

Outside of work, Alex creates short films and music videos. Most recently, the film “Siren’s Song” created alongside Coal Creative colleague Samuel O’Connell, has just completed post-production.

Alex’s favorite band is The Avett Brothers. His favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles. His favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate marshmallow. 

Instagram: @alexmanganella

Academy Awards Won So Far:
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