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Before they engage with you, potential customers and clients interact with your image. We understand the power of first impressions, and we know that good design adds legitimacy to your message. Our design team works to create fresh, exciting content to support your new business, rebrand, event or product launch.

logo design

Your logo is your flag, your thumbprint. It signals who you are and what you do. Our design team designs logos for businesses large and small, from family farms to multi-million-dollar tech companies.

brand development

Once you have a logo you love, you need operation-wide consistency to build an effective brand that resonates. That means thoughtful design of your online presence, your bricks-and-mortar location or print materials. We make sure your colors, logo, symbol and message linger in the memories of all who pass by.

print design

Tangible media is still an essential part of your public image. We create dynamic, high design print products including:

• Business cards
• Brochures & pamphlets
• Postcards
• Apparel
• Billboards (traditional/digital)
• Newspaper ads
• Posters
• Menus
• Books

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Designing Brands That Stick

Curating and cultivating your brand’s image is vital to its perception and popularity with consumers. Your brand’s image is its aura, encompassing everything from your logo to your omnichannel messaging.  In the modern, interconnected world of online reviews and informed consumers, branding is an important opportunity to develop trust with your audience. An impressive 86% […]

Amplify Your Aesthetics With These Do’s and Don’ts from Coal’s Designers

In the heart of Brooklyn, there’s a museum dedicated to the poorly executed ideas, the designs that make people squint and tilt their head, and the overhyped products that never shined. It’s the Museum of Failure, and design plays a central role in its exhibits [1].  Design aesthetics are tricky. Poor design is typically obvious […]

Creating a Logo

A logo is your business’s first impression and lasting message. It’s your thumbprint, a simple identifying mark that contains an identity. It’s also the thing you’ll have on the wall, on your letterhead, on your t-shirts and on and on.  A company’s logo is the first line in its story. Telling a story is Coal […]

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