Although many modern brands tend to focus their marketing efforts solely on digital campaigns, forgoing physical mediums means missing key opportunities to connect with consumers.

Traditional marketing mediums such as print ads, posters and pamphlets are tangible, trustworthy sources that consumers can feel confident about. In fact, with over 82% of consumers believing in the honesty of these advertising channels, they command more public trust than any modern digital format [1].

But in order for people to really notice your ads and offerings, you need designs that capture consumers’ attention—which isn’t as simple as you might think. From gorgeous graphics to perfectly paired color palettes and fonts, many complex elements go into crafting memorable design motifs. 

Luckily, with a creative agency like Coal elevating your aesthetics and serving up sizzling style across every traditional medium, you can count on always having beautiful, on-brand designs.

The Enduring Preeminence of Traditional Design

While digital spaces like X, Insta and Threads are important for connecting with internet users, they don’t necessarily reach every potential customer. Advertising on digital mediums alone, in fact, can mean missing out on the nearly 30% of Americans who wholly avoid social media and other similar online spaces [2].

To that end, traditional marketing channels offer a dependable means of connecting with this large swath of consumers. Print ads are front-of-mind when it comes to traditional advertising mediums, and some of the most common ways consumers encounter them can include:

  • Spreads in magazines, newspapers and other print media
  • Through brochures and pamphlets
  • On posters and flyers

If you’re not capitalizing on these forms already, you’re forgoing the chance to meet consumers on mediums they trust. While traditional print advertising can bring a boon to any kind of business, Forbes identifies 11 fields where it’s projected to deliver an enticing return on investment in 2023 and beyond: [3]

  • E-commerce
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Luxury
  • Interior design 
  • Real estate
  • Elder care and senior services
  • Wealth management 
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Fast-moving consumer goods
  • Niche travel services
  • Service-based businesses

Whether you’re shipping out shirts, redesigning rooms or guiding graveyard ghost tours, print ads and other traditional design mediums are worthwhile investments that can help you expand to new clientele. That is, of course, if they’re aesthetically enthralling, expertly designed and bespoke for your brand. 

How Can Impeccable Design Help Brands Connect With More Consumers?

Whether we like it or not, books are judged by their covers (literally), and brands, products and ads are gauged by their aesthetics. Impeccable design is essential when it comes to influencing consumer behavior and luring in more clientele—and that’s a scientific fact!

Recently, a top team of neurologists and marketing experts answered the age-old question: What happens to our brains when a company’s offerings are visually appealing?

The answer? We’re neurologically overcome with a wave of positive emotions that subconsciously compel us toward the aesthetically appealing item. Bland designs, unfortunately, don’t elicit the same effect. [4]

This is all to say: An effective branding strategy pays close attention to catering awe-inspiring aesthetics across traditional design mediums. These aren’t limited to just products and print ads, either. They can include other mediums, such as:

  • Printed presentations and sales materials – Samples and sales aides are a make-or-break tool that can help customers decide on your brand. Ensure they’re neat, well-organized and appealing to your target clientele.
  • Billboards – While they may pass by in an instant during our commutes, nearly 82% of people can clearly recall a clever, well-designed billboard they’ve recently seen. [5]
  • Business cards – Business cards are notorious for disappearing from customers’ wallets. But, with the right design principles—such as layering in some eye-catching color—you can increase the likelihood that they’ll be kept tenfold. [6]
  • Other formats – From apparel to signs and menus, there are a plethora of traditional design formats that can serve as opportunities to both exhibit your brand and wow consumers with your unbeatable aesthetics. 

All of these different mediums speak for your business. Like different social media accounts, they’re all touchpoints where consumers can meet your brand and understand what you’re all about. 

Unfortunately, there are no cut-and-dry formulas for producing visually appealing designs. Each magazine ad, t-shirt and takeaway menu requires undivided attention and catered care. And, while we do have some suggestions for style principles, our best advice is to make sure your design elements tell your story with beautiful, bespoke aesthetics crafted by the experts at Coal.

Call on Coal To Boost Your Brand’s Traditional Design Elements

Striking visual design is critical to enticing consumers toward your products, services and brand. Furthermore, traditional mediums, such as print ads, booklets and billboards, present trustworthy opportunities to connect with some of society’s hardest-to-reach consumers.

And, when it comes to combining aesthetic design skills with in-depth knowledge of these mediums, there’s no more adept creative agency in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) or beyond than Coal Creative. 

With close attention to detail and an eye for the flashy and fashionable, Coal delivers delightful designs across a variety of traditional mediums, including:

  • Print ads
  • Billboards
  • Posters and flyers
  • Printed presentation and sales materials
  • Business cards
  • Brochures & pamphlets
  • Postcards
  • Apparel
  • Newspaper ads
  • Menus
  • Books and booklets
  • Trail signs and informational signage

And, because we understand the importance of catered traditional design for modern businesses, we’ll work carefully alongside you to craft patterns, pictures and palettes that advance your brand’s image and capture the aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether it’s a business card, brochure or book jacket, we can help you rethink the possibilities of traditional mediums and capture the attention of more consumers. Learn more about our services and request a proposal to kick things off with Coal today!



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