Social Media

fuel your social.

Today, building and maintaining a strong online presence through Internet Marketing is vital for your brand. With Social Media platforms continuously growing, Social Media Management has easily become a full time job. Our team at Coal Creative will help you manage your accounts and create content while saving you time and effort while simultaneously strengthening your client relationships and increasing your ROI.

page management

You may not be on social media, but your customers and potential customers are, and your presence on these platforms can be seen as a direct representation of your business, organization, project or idea. The team of millennials at Coal Creative can answer messages, respond to comments, create engaging posts and more.

content creation & scheduling

Efficiency is key. Gone are the good ol’ days where you could simply post anything and your followers would see and respond to it. Algorithms across modern social media platforms reward engaging content. The team at Coal Creative can help translate your information, news, events, ideas, services and more into conversations. Once approved, these posts will be scheduled out to fill your social media calendar across all major platforms so you don’t go dark on your customer base. Just sit back, relax and watch the likes pile up.

targeting / boosting

Leverage the incredible amount of data collected by major social media platforms to directly advertise or promote your message to your target market or audience. Don’t waste a single penny on quantity of reach over quality of engagement.


What’s working? What isn’t working so much? What is the best time to post? In order to receive the greatest ROI on your social media investment, we translate and study in-depth analytics to track engagement and growth and to hone your content.