23 Feb 2024
Creative Juice Vol. 20 - Why Well-Designed Creative Assets Are Essential to Your Business

Why Well-Designed Creative Assets Are Essential to Your Business

While certain businesses are defined by their leaders or ideas, consumers generally recognize brands through their aesthetic features, rather than their commercial operations.  In fact, recent studies into product design reveal that customers are more likely to choose aesthetically pleasing items from brands even if they’re not as functional as their plainer counterparts [1]. Similarly, […]

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13 Feb 2024
Elevating The Essentials

Elevating The Essentials: Trust Coal for Your Brand’s Traditional Design Needs

Although many modern brands tend to focus their marketing efforts solely on digital campaigns, forgoing physical mediums means missing key opportunities to connect with consumers. Traditional marketing mediums such as print ads, posters and pamphlets are tangible, trustworthy sources that consumers can feel confident about. In fact, with over 82% of consumers believing in the […]

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24 Jan 2024
Virtues Of Video

The Virtues of Video

Video is the most potent medium your brand can use to convey your vision and values to consumers. In fact, 91% of today’s marketers are already using video content to boost their online presence and reel in engaged users (and the rest of them are seriously missing out) [1].  Video is also the Internet’s favorite […]

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19 Dec 2023
A Letter From Holly K. Pilcavage

A Letter From Holly K. Pilcavage, President & CEO — 2023 Recap

Transition.  I can start this letter by telling you the total number of projects and campaigns we collaborated on this year, or talk to you about all of the important team building experiences we shared, or even touch upon the awards and accolades we were so fortunate to receive, but I don’t think I’d be […]

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06 Dec 2023
Setting Your Sites on Success: How to Approach Building a Better Webpage

Setting Your Sites on Success: How to Approach Building a Better Webpage

In the digital age, building a trustworthy, functional website is paramount to success for individuals, brands, and organizations. In fact, over three-quarters of consumers check out a company’s online presence before considering going into one of their real-life, brick-and-mortar stores [1]. On top of that, 94% of internet users will simply click away from websites […]

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27 Nov 2023
Brands That Stick

Designing Brands That Stick

Curating and cultivating your brand’s image is vital to its perception and popularity with consumers. Your brand’s image is its aura, encompassing everything from your logo to your omnichannel messaging.  In the modern, interconnected world of online reviews and informed consumers, branding is an important opportunity to develop trust with your audience. An impressive 86% […]

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24 Oct 2023
Creative Juice Vol 18

Reel Talk: The Ins and Outs of Editing Quick Clips For Instagram and TikTok

Instagram and TikTok are two of the leading social media spaces that businesses can leverage to connect with existing and potential customers. With over 3 billion combined accounts, Instagram and TikTok are the most frequented platforms on the web, making them fertile grounds for building a loyal base of consumers [1]. However, with over one […]

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18 Oct 2023
Let's Get Social

Let’s Get Social

In 2022, the social media app market was valued at $49.09 billion, and an estimated 4.9 billion people use social media worldwide [1]. What does this mean for you and your brand? Your social media is valued, too—and it’s a valuable asset to your brand.  With such a significant market value and a vast user […]

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25 Sep 2023
Creative Juice VOL17

No Staff Shall Be Sidelined: How to Make an Intern’s Time at Your Company a Transformative Experience

Here at Coal, we’re in the habit of taking on bright, fresh minds to add to our recurring roster of imaginative all-stars. Every year or so, we scour the lecture halls and libraries of Pennsylvania’s prestigious postsecondary institutions to secure interns to spice up the current creative concoction we have brewing.  Interns bring cutting-edge ideas […]

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14 Sep 2023
The Importance of Expert Website Design | Coal Creative

The Importance of Expert Website Design

As you probably already know, today’s marketing efforts are primarily initiated through online channels and platforms [1]. While social media acts as a dynamic platform for brand engagement, customer interaction and content distribution, your website acts as a centralized hub for your brand’s online presence. That said, a strong website framework is critical to building […]

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