Our Services

We call our clients our collaborators, and at Coal Creative, we pride ourselves in being experts in the services that we offer the businesses, organizations and individuals in our community and beyond.

If you have the need to share your story, product or service — reach out to the award winning team at Coal Creative. Whether it is through the development of a website, the production of a video, the strategizing, design and release of a social media campaign, or something else entirely, we are here, and incredibly excited to help.

See below for a look at the services that we believe we are “world class” at offering.


video marketing

Our award-winning video team will help you connect with your target audience through compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging videos that tell your story.


web development

Whether you’re looking to put your business online for the first time, or you’re looking to redesign your current website, we’re ready to design and develop exactly what you need.


branding & design

Your logo or brand is your flag. Your thumbprint. Who are you? What do you do? Good design can add legitimacy to your message, and oftentimes will be the main selling point.


social media

Our team will help you manage your accounts and create engaging content while simultaneously strengthening your client relationships and increasing your ROI.


strategy & consulting

If you are looking to grow as a business, entrepreneur, entertainer or something else entirely, collaborate with Coal Creative to discover the best path to share your story.

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virtual events

Whether it is a fundraising event, an event that honors an individual or group or something else entirely, we have the services, technology and team to take your event virtual.


additional services

Our well-rounded team is equipped to meet your needs with live streaming, email marketing, photography and more, even if they fall out of the scope of our main services.