Gerard Durling

founder of coal creative

Gerard was never a big fan of waiting on other people to get things done. He started teaching himself how to make graphics, take photos and videos, and with those skills started making websites when he was 14 years old.

Years later, in his early 20s, he caught the “freelance bug” while working full-time as an Online Manager for an e-commerce site. He decided he wanted to start something collaborative alongside some of his friends in Northeastern PA. So instead of launching a lone portfolio on his own personal site, he decided to brand himself and select collaborators together under the name “Coal Creative”.

As the Founder of Coal Creative, Gerard’s vision was to take on responsibilities that allowed him to collectively with friends and other like-minded creative professionals. Coal Creative was formed on the idea that we as a team could create big city results no matter our location.

In a previous life, Gerard was a pro wrestler; long hair, eyeliner, the works. (why? he doesn’t know) Pro Wrestling has been his “passion”, though, and it’s been the catalyst for learning new things since he was a kid. Aside from Coal Creative, he’s also involved in a company called Independent Wrestling TV – a subscription service similar in concept to Netflix/Hulu created specifically to help make independent wrestling more accessible to the world.

Gerard’s favorite Coal Creative project was the 30-days of Social Media Tips. He says it was a time when the team first got set up with the studio space and spent far too many hours figuring out tips and tricks that would actually be beneficial to others. He considers the runner-up to be the summer interns putting together the “There’s Nothing to do in NEPA” video.

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