Travis Antoniello

web developer

Travis began his professional career by acquiring an A.A.S. in Music Recording Technology. He credits much of his expertise to his diligence in self-taught programming and development via countless internet deep-dive sessions. Interested in tackling many digital media-based projects, he tirelessly spent his time watching video tutorials and learning how to use creative software that he found pertinent.

As a Web Developer, Travis will have a hand in constructing website frameworks in HTML and crafting site outlines that intuitively align with clients’ vision. His position will also have him aiding the team in the backend technical operations necessary to realize scope and scale of website-based media projects and internal digital infrastructure.

Travis first crossed paths with Coal Creative team members Sam and Matt while attending college. Soon after their initial meeting, Sam referred him to his job as a Lead VR Designer for local businesses VR Guest and Silent Sound System – a position that had him utilizing virtual reality cameras to create virtual tours for business and real estate, staging and producing VR photography and videos, and training a team on the equipment usage, procedures, and process for developing the photo and video content. Travis also brings experience in design work, having created promotional material and even collaborating with Coal Creative on multiple projects.

Travis has a band called Toothless, and composes music, plays and creates video games, cooks and watches documentaries. When he’s trying to escape all the technology in his life, he enjoys experiencing nature by camping and hiking.

Instagram: @snowblxnd