The Bountiful Benefits of Keeping Coal on Retainer

The Bountiful Benefits of Keeping Coal on Retainer

Expanding businesses have complex creative concerns. From the budding seed of a simple, yet beautiful logo, brands can quickly grow to need video, visual and written content to engage and connect with their audiences. And, when your business really hits, … Read More

Brands That Stick

Designing Brands That Stick

Curating and cultivating your brand’s image is vital to its perception and popularity with consumers. Your brand’s image is its aura, encompassing everything from your logo to your omnichannel messaging.  In the modern, interconnected world of online reviews and informed … Read More

Amplify Your Aesthetics With These Do’s and Don’ts from Coal’s Designers

Amplify Your Aesthetics With These Do’s and Don’ts from Coal’s Designers

In the heart of Brooklyn, there’s a museum dedicated to the poorly executed ideas, the designs that make people squint and tilt their head, and the overhyped products that never shined. It’s the Museum of Failure, and design plays a … Read More

Creating a Logo

A logo is your business’s first impression and lasting message. It’s your thumbprint, a simple identifying mark that contains an identity. It’s also the thing you’ll have on the wall, on your letterhead, on your t-shirts and on and on.  … Read More

The Fuel Behind Coal Creative’s Web Design and Development Team

Coal Creative was initially formed as an opportunity to freelance the design and development of Websites here in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Through collaborations with the Wilkes Barre Chamber of Commerce and other notable local businesses, opportunities continued to arise. This led … Read More

On your mark, Get set, SIGN UP!

We’re ringing in the new year by launching the website for the inaugural Wilkes Barre Half Marathon. As of January 1st, you can officially sign up for the event! Click here to sign up! (We believe in you!) A few … Read More

At Coal Creative, we LOVE brand development

In the world of marketing, there is little more exciting than working with a business or organization that is just getting started. It’s that “blank slate” feeling of helping an excited client fully realize what their business could be and … Read More

#CoalClasses: Graphic Design – Do I need it?

Confused on digital marketing and all its parts? CoalCreative is here to help. Introducing #CoalClasses, your masterclass to bringing your organization into a digital world. When it comes to digital marketing, it is easy to get confused in all of … Read More