The Bountiful Benefits of Keeping Coal on Retainer

The Bountiful Benefits of Keeping Coal on Retainer

Expanding businesses have complex creative concerns. From the budding seed of a simple, yet beautiful logo, brands can quickly grow to need video, visual and written content to engage and connect with their audiences. And, when your business really hits, … Read More

Virtues Of Video

The Virtues of Video

Video is the most potent medium your brand can use to convey your vision and values to consumers. In fact, 91% of today’s marketers are already using video content to boost their online presence and reel in engaged users (and … Read More

Creative Juice Vol 18

Reel Talk: The Ins and Outs of Editing Quick Clips For Instagram and TikTok

Instagram and TikTok are two of the leading social media spaces that businesses can leverage to connect with existing and potential customers. With over 3 billion combined accounts, Instagram and TikTok are the most frequented platforms on the web, making … Read More

Creative Juice Vol. 10 - Top 5 Low Cost Ways to Create Videos Without Having to Hire Coal Creative

Top 5 Low Cost Ways to Create Videos Without Having to Hire Coal Creative

Video content is dominating the internet, and the phenomenon isn’t new — video streaming accounted for 73% of internet traffic as far back as 2017, and the Cisco Video Networking Index predicts that this metric will increase to 82% by … Read More

For the Love of Brunch: Two Coal Interns Make a Video

For the Love of Brunch: Two Coal Interns Make a Video

This semester, Coal Creative continued the tradition of a video project to add to The Internship Chronicles collection. Our two interns, Alijah and Donald, created a video that highlighted something they both loved about the NEPA region — BRUNCH! Alijah … Read More

Coal Creative - Creative Juidce - Video: From Vision to Views

Video: From Vision to Views

Video is ubiquitous in our lives. We see it all day from the morning news to social media and cinematic blockbusters to family videos. Video is an important tool for marketers, thanks to its effectiveness. The medium is perfectly suited … Read More

Coal Creative Wins “Best of the Best” Video Production and Ad Agency Awards

We’ve been awarded “Best of the Best” awards for our video production, and for the overall ad agency category. Check out this article featuring some interviews with our team in the King’s College newspaper, The Crown! Read Article

Coal Creative is looking for a videographer

Video Production Specialist

Overview Coal Creative is looking for someone to join our team as a contracted video production specialist!  Core Responsibilities Work directly with the video team to assist in various parts of production and post-production including: Coordinates and arranges lighting, shooting … Read More

Ahoy! Osterhout Summer’s End Seafest Promotional Video

Ahoy! We collaborated with NEPA community staple The Osterhout Library to create a promotional video for their Summer’s End Seafest, an innovative fundraising event that keeps social distancing in mind while still providing an incredible and fun experience for library … Read More

Meet Our New Video Production Intern!

Meet our video production intern Ian! Ian is a junior communication studies major at Wilkes University, with a minor in marketing.  With our January 30th ribbon cutting on the horizon, we had initially decided that we would not bring an … Read More