Throughout the last few months our Graphic Design Intern, Michael Hoskins, has been working with two local nonprofit organizations, KISS Theatre Company and the NEPA Philharmonic. For KISS Theatre, he has been designing posters and corresponding social media content, such as cover photos and graphics, to help promote their upcoming shows, and for the Philharmonic, he has been working on producing content and scheduling posts for their Facebook page.


“Working for these two local nonprofits is an exciting and worthwhile opportunity, because I am able to put my skills to good use. What’s really been great about working with these organizations is knowing that I feel like I am genuinely helping them in their efforts, and that feels really good because a lot of the times nonprofits might not be able to afford to spend a whole lot on posters or paying someone to run their social media accounts,” Hoskins explained. “Being able to do that for them is just awesome, and I’m so excited to have been able to work with them throughout my experience here at CoalCreative.”


Jessica Suda of KISS Theatre stated, “Marketing for Chlidren’s Theatre in this area is so difficult, because you want to advertise why your production stands out and what makes this one different from the rest. Michael not only came up with original ideas and designs, he took my ridiculous descriptions or keys words such as “whimsy”, “gritty”, “fund and flowy” and exceed my expectations with his works of art.”


Michael had the opportunity to connect with and work solely with KISS Theatre throughout his internship experience. Every step of the way he exceeded expectations and brought a immense amount of creativity to his designs.


“Our kids often keep our posters as mementos from our productions.  We even auction off large posters signed by the cast to raise money for our scholarship program,” Suda explained. “Michael’s contribution to KISS has transcended beyond marketing and design.  He has created lasting memories our students will hold on to for a life time.”


The Executive Director of The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic, Nancy Sanderson, said, “Under Michael’s creative vision, our social media impact has improved a great deal. His effective use of clean, relevant images that piqued the interest of our followers, attention-grabbing headlines, and on-line contests helped us build the number of likes and followers on our social media accounts.” 


At CoalCreative, we look forward to continuing to work with both of these local non-profits throughout the summer and fall seasons as well. We are very fortunate to have had Michael set the bar high for incredible work and we are looking forward to seeing what future interns will bring to the table for these organizations!

If you are interested in interning with us at CoalCreative, please contact our Director of Business Development, Holly Pilcavage, at


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