Each semester we inform our incoming interns that they will have the opportunity to work on a video project that they solely own. This semester was a bit more interesting considering we did not have a video production intern on the Fall 2020 team. Rather, we had two Social Media Management interns, Shanie and Nicole, who were up for the challenge!

The project is meant to serve a few purposes:

  • To learn about the process of creating a video from start idea to completion
  • To gain an understanding of the complexities of scheduling, detailing a realistic scope of work, and creating an intentional timeline
  • To provide insight into the various departments and skill sets required to complete the project
  • To build a relationship between the current interns and the Coal Creative team members
  • To promote Northeastern Pennsylvania from the perspectives and hearts of the interns!

Shanie & Nicole’s goal was to focus on promoting the place they now call “home” considering they are both transplants to Wilkes-Barre. Shanie is originally from the Poconos about one hour away from our downtown location and Nicole resides in New Jersey. Their institutions of choice brought them both to the area, Penn State Scranton & Misericordia University, which ultimately lead them to seeking internships in the area landing themselves at Coal Creative this past semester.

Below you will find not one, but two videos Shanie & Nicole put together and debuted to our team on their final day of their Fall 2020 internship experience. The first video concept sprouted from the “home” idea aforementioned inspiring them to spend time at each of their campuses, Coal Creative, and some of their favorite spots in each area. Before hitting play, Shanie and Nicole revealed that they were challenged in the best of ways, walking away from the project with a lot more knowledge, a close knit bond, and some vital learning moments within the process. They explained how some of their original ideas fell through and how they creatively pivoted to complete their final project – and how it inspired a second heartwarming video to be crafted.

Their second video showcases the team at Coal Creative and the overall culture from Shanie & Nicole’s POV. They introduce each team member (including a special office floor pal) while highlighting some tender moments that truly capture the personalities of our teammates.

We are incredibly proud of all of the hard work, dedication, creativity, and energy Shanie and Nicole put into their entire semester this Fall. Keep an eye out for them both because there is no doubt they will be taking this world by storm!


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