Throughout 2017, we are working with our interns to highlight 52 Creatives from the NEPA region. We believe creativity is a broad term that cannot be easily confined within the walls of one simple definition. We want to know what being creative means to you and how you bring that creativity to light.​

Joe Rovinsky is our 44th #NEPACreative of 2017. Joe brings creativity to the area through his website electroshock horror, formerly Scranton Haunted Reviews, where he reviews horror content and entertainment in the area.

To most people, horror content such as movies, haunted houses, and literature are either a love or a hate. For Joe Rovinsky, however, horror content has been made a lifestyle. In 2013, Joe started his journey with a simple blog called Scranton Haunted Reviews, aimed at providing individuals with information about public haunts throughout our area. From this small blog Joe got the opportunity to meet local and national haunt owners to expand his brand, including Paul Kotran, owner of Reapers Revenge. Joe says that he will always be thankful to Paul for giving him his first chance to go behind the scenes in the haunt industry. “From hayride supervisors to first-year actors, each person I have met has made a major impact on my perception of this industry,” Joe says. Joe then launched Electroshock Horror this season, hoping to help tell the stories behind the scares and focusing on talented actors and actresses in this industry.

Joe says that his biggest inspirations are his family, his brother in particular. He has traveled across the tristate area at his side and they’ve seen some wonderful haunted attractions together. He says that one of the major reasons he entered the horror industry was to help bond more with his brother, who is several years younger than him. When asked if he had anything in particular he wanted people to know about him, Joe said that he wants the public to know that he truly does what he does because he has a passion for it and not for profitable gain. “I believe that the stories of each person in the industry deserve to be told and so many are looking for an outlet to express their love for all things horror,” Joe says. “I plan to continue providing this service in a professional manner and hope to truly become immersed in this wonderful industry of horror entertainment.”

To learn more about Joe and his work with haunts and horror, check out Electroshock Horror, and follow them on Facebook.


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