There’s no denying that our beautiful region of Northeastern Pennsylvania experiences a great Fall season each year. From the colorful Fall foliage to that familiar crispness in the air, there is truly no place like NEPA around this time of year.

Here at Coal Creative, we look forward to the Autumn season each year and try to take advantage of the seasonal fun our region has to offer. Here are a few of the Coal Crew’s favorite local attractions to visit and things to do in the fall!

Pumpkin Patches– “One of my favorite things about Fall is visiting our local pumpkin patches and picking out some good gourds to decorate my home with,” says Bri, our Content Specialist. “Some of my favorite NEPA pumpkin patches include Whistle Pig, Darling’s, and Dundee Gardens. Roba Family Farms is also a lot of fun this time of year- you can spend the whole day there and not get bored!”


Bri - Keeping up with the Coal Creative Crew - Bri's front porch
Bri’s front porch

Small Town Charm– “My favorite thing to do during Fall in NEPA is to visit Jim Thorpe,” says Camaryn, our Relationship Manager. “They put on an amazing Fall Festival, have Fall foliage train rides and amazing bike trails. The town is so magical!”


Will - Keeping up with the Coal Creative Crew - Brace's Orchard Apple Cider
Video post production manager Will displays his apple cider of choice


Haunted Attractions– “I love being spooked,” Coal Creative’s CEO Holly shares. “My favorite haunted experience is Reaper’s Revenge! The theatrics, details, and overall experience is incredible. It has this balance of scaring you but also mesmerizing you throughout the entire thing.”


Jeremy - Keeping up with the Coal Creative Crew - Spending the day with Wallace in the park
Our project manager Jeremy spending the day with Wallace in the park


The Comforts of Home– “My girlfriend and I like to decorate our apartment in the Fall,” says Travis, our Web Developer. “We also look forward to all of the seasonal flavors!” Our Content Manager & Design Specialist Samantha also enjoys spending time at home during the Fall season, saying “One of my favorite things about Fall is getting up early to sit outside and read. The weather feels crisp, the trees are beautiful, and I can enjoy a nice, hot cup of tea before starting my day.”


Travis - Keeping up with the Coal Crew October - Pumpkins on the porch
Travis’ front porch

Long Drives Through the Countryside– “I really enjoy driving in the Fall,” says Alex, our Production Manager. “Grabbing a coffee and listening to music while you take in the foliage is an awesome way to spend a few hours in October. With the heat on and the windows cracked, you can even trick yourself into believing there’s a warm breeze!”


Sam - Keeping up with the Coal Creative Crew - Hiking with family
Sam hiking with family

The Great Outdoors– “One of the best things about NEPA is hiking, camping, and taking in the incredible sights during the too-short Fall window,” says Sam, our Creative Director. “Bonus points if you get to spend time with your family/pets doing any of the above.” Our Lead Web Developer & Lead Designer Matt is also a fan of spending time outdoors during the Fall, saying “One of my favorite things to do is sit around a nice warm fire pit with some friends on a cool Autumn night, and it allows me to keep spending time outside as the weather gets colder.”


Matt - Keeping up with the Coal Creative Crew - Sitting by the fire
Matt enjoying the fire pit

What are some of your favorite ways to spend the Fall season in NEPA? We’d love to hear them! Until next time, Stay Coal!



An autumnal wonderland.

Light me a heater.

-Jordan, Video Production Specialist


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