At Coal Creative, our newest team is the Social Media team. While we have always offered social media services to our clients, It wasn’t until the addition of Samantha, our Social Media & Design Specialist and Brianna, the Social Media & Content Specialist, that we had a team dedicated to strategizing, creating and publishing content across the social media platforms of our clients.

We asked the Social Media Team to share their thoughts on working at Coal Creative, collaborating with our incredible clients, and about their experience here in NEPA. Being natural, talented storytellers, their answers didn’t disappoint.

Without further ado, meet our Social Media Team.

Samantha Bucher | Social Media & Design Specialist
During my college years, I had a very negative perception of NEPA. People around me couldn’t wait to leave and I wasn’t having the best experience in college myself. Then it was time to find an internship. When I first interviewed with Holly, she told me that Coal Creative was looking for storytellers, for people who would take that extra step to make sure that the voice of NEPA was being told. Here was this cool, inspirational person telling me that there was so much in NEPA worth praising. This positivity really resonated with me. The minute I stepped foot in the Coal Creative office for the first time, my perspective of NEPA began to change. As an intern, I got to work with clients such as KISS Theatre. Not only did I feel that my skills were increasing with each project the team gave me, I also felt that the work I was doing had actual meaning.

When my internship ended, I didn’t want to leave. Luckily, I didn’t have to because I was offered the position of junior designer and became Coal’s first remote employee. From that perspective, things changed a little. I was no longer living and mainly working in NEPA, but I still got to see all of these cool things happening from an outsider’s perspective. I even helped bring these things to life with my work on projects like the Rockin’ the River poster and the Casablanca program. The hardest part is not being able to teleport to NEPA so that I can attend all of this cool stuff.

Over time, my position has shifted and grown. As of January 2020, I now hold the title of Social Media & Design Specialist. This means I get to straddle the line between the social media and design departments. Every day, I get to work on something new and do my work on my own schedule, which is great for someone who is creative like me. And even after a year of being part of the Coal team, I am always thrilled when I see one of my designs out in the world. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2020 has in store for me and Coal Creative.

Brianna Redding | Social Media & Content Specialist
When Holly informed me that I got the job as Coal Creative’s first ever Social Media Specialist, I was thrilled. I have known about Coal Creative for several years and have always admired their contributions to the NEPA region, so to say I was excited to start working alongside some of the most talented people in our area is an understatement.

I officially started working at Coal Creative in early October, and within four short weeks I was able to transition from part time to full time. The freedom to take on more work and essentially manage my own schedule is just one of the many things I love about my job. At Coal Creative, I don’t feel boxed in or labeled as just one thing. Holly and the rest of the team have been extremely receptive of my skills and ideas, and I’m able to branch out in other ways, like utilizing my love of writing by crafting blog posts, email blasts, press releases, and more.

As of January 2020, my official title is Social Media & Content Specialist. This new title encompasses what I mainly do on a daily basis, which is creating engaging and informative social media content for our clients. Going into 2020, I look forward to taking on even more work and continuing to contribute to Coal Creative in meaningful ways.

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