As a small business, our entire team at Coal Creative is feeling the impact of COVID-19 alongside so many of our partners, collaborators, friends, and beyond. We want to ensure that you know we are still here and actively working to design, develop, and produce the necessary assets, websites, and messaging needed. While we are remaining remote to do our part in helping flatten the curve, we are still fully capable to virtually connect from our respective at-home work spaces – individually and in group Zoom meeting settings.

Some questions you might be asking yourself:

  • Should I stay active on social media at a time like this? 
  • What should I be saying or how should I communicate to my clients and audience right now?
  • What is the best way to even “market” right now? 
  • Do I need an online presence? Where do I even start?
  • Can I afford it in these current circumstances?  
  • How will I get the word out there when things start going back to “normal”? 

And we’re sure there’s a much longer list of questions floating around in your mind right now. We want to help. We want to figure this out together. 

There are a few ways to contact us today:

  • Call us directly at 570-212-9586
  • Email us at 
  • Fill out the contact form below


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