The United Way Day of Caring was this past Thursday and one of our all time favorite days of the year. We participated in cleaning up the Riverfront and ridding it of trash. Some might find this tiresome, boring or disgusting, but there is never a dull moment with our team and we can make even the most tedious of tasks fun. Between listening to Kanye’s Lift Yourself on repeat and coming up with different variations of Day of Caring (ex. Day of Confusion, Day of Confetti, Day of Chaos, Day of Cats, etc) we had a great day helping our community.

Friday was a beautiful day with the Fine Arts Fiesta in full swing. I was able to introduce two of the acts on the main stage, one of which being one of my very close friends Holly Major-Baker and the Dallas Middle School Select Chorus. The Fine Arts Fiesta is one of my personal favorite events in our area. I love being able to see the arts flourishing locally. You don’t get to experience it every day, so when its all in one place, its very powerful.

Throughout the beginning of the week, we had multiple lead meetings for new and exciting things possibly coming up. We also started to get into our crazy few weeks scheduling and filming all of the videos for the upcoming Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce EPIC Awards. We love our crazy, fun, exciting weeks here at CoalCreative.

Stay Coal,


United Way Day of Caring!

Our Freelance Animation Expert John draws a caricature of Matt

Jess presents the Dallas Middle School Select Chorus and the Treble Makers at the Fine Arts Fiesta

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