Our Intern Video Project is finally here! After all of our hard work this summer, we are so excited to share with you our finished product.

When we first arrived at Coal, Holly mentioned to us that we had the opportunity to create a summer video. Well, we were all for it! She gave us a one line prompt, “promote NEPA,” and we ran with our ideas! After a lot of brainstorming, the three of us decided to highlight the abundance of pizza and ice cream in the area. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza and ice cream? With a shop on almost every corner of the valley, we all agreed it is one of the best things about NEPA.

With Holly’s approval, we couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling. We immediately started with our pre-production efforts: story boarding, calling local businesses, creating a calendar and budget, and looking into marketing efforts. Within the course of two months, we filmed at eight local spots: The Lands at Hillside Farms, Blue Ribbon Dairy, Sabatini’s Pizza, Dino’s Italian Bistro, Curly Creme, Lino’s Pizza, Frances Slocum State Park, and the Forty Fort Park. We are so grateful for their cooperation, patience and efforts!

Our goal was to do something out of the box and fun. And, I think I can say we have accomplished that! So without any more delay, I am so excited to introduce to you “An Area in Which We Call N E P A.”

Sami, Greg, and I had a blast throughout this whole process. We hope you enjoyed our video as much as we did making it! I’m sure it made you hungry, so be sure to drop by one of our featured shops and support NEPA local businesses!

Also, we cannot thank Coal Creative and their team enough for giving us this opportunity and guiding us along our journey. It is bittersweet moving into our final days at Coal, but we have learned so much and have made so many valuable connections. I can personally say that Coal Creative has some of the kindest and funniest people on their team, and they have truly made this summer one to remember!

And of course, thanks to all of you for keeping up with us! Coal is busier than ever, so be sure to keep checking in. And remember to always…

Stay Coal,



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