20 Feb 2019

Launching Legacy in a Glass Website and Branding!

The team at Coal Creative is very excited to launch and share one of our newest client’s website and branding! Legacy in a Glass will give a unique opportunity to growers, wineries, retailers and suppliers through their offered solutions related to Tasting For Quality, Developing An MSRP, Packaging Advice, Labeling, Creating A Story, and Brand Representation.

We had the opportunity to start with their idea and a blank slate. We brainstormed logo ideas, designed and developed a website that matched Legacy team energy and their desired look and feel, and carried the branding across other needs and items before they left for a big trip to California this week!


“We’re making what’s in the bottle as important as what’s on the bottle. Come join us and let’s start the revolution. Back to Basics.”

You can view the new Legacy in a Glass website here.



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