13 May 2019

Check Out The New Wyoming Valley Aids Council Website!

Our web design and development team recently wrapped up and launched the new Wyoming Valley Aids Council (WVAC) website.

The mission of WVAC is to offer support to people living with HIV/AIDS and their families, to promote family stability in coping with the unique challenges of living with HIV/AIDS, to educate the community and prevent the transmission of HIV, and to reduce the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS. Our team at Coal Creative knew it would be important to get their messaging and important resources to the community in a direct and easy-to-navigate way. The team at WVAC wanted individuals to be able to schedule appointments quick and easily so we worked to implement their new online scheduling system for all 3 locations servicing their coverage area of a six county region.

To learn more and see the finished site, you can visit https://wvacinc.org/




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