Throughout 2017, we are working with our interns to highlight 52 Creatives from the NEPA region. We believe creativity is a broad term that cannot be easily confined within the walls of one simple definition. We want to know what being creative means to you and how you bring that creativity to light.​

Abby Vail of Scott Township is our 42nd #NEPACreative of 2017. Abby brings creativity to the area through solo bass work.

When one thinks about a bass guitar, one does not typically think of solo work. Abby Vail is one of the very few bassists in NEPA who does work solo. She says this is where her passion lives because she loves to challenger herself to do things with her instrument that she once thought were impossible. This dream became a reality just last year, but her infatuation with bass work goes way back. She started playing ten years ago. She fell in love with it the moment she heard the song “My Name is Mud” by Primus. “Ever since then, I’ve never had a stronger desire to continue to grow and be good at something,” she remarked, “Having a bass in my hands feels like home to me no matter where I am and I love that.”

Abby is heavily influenced and inspired by three people in particular. The first of which being Les Claypool, bassist and lead vocalist of Primus. She says if she could play with any artist, he would be her first choice. Secondly is Buckethead, who she said influences her because he plays his life through his music. Her final inspiration is local bassist Grant Williams. “Before meeting him, I didn’t see being a solo bassist as a tangible option for me. I wanted to do it, but didn’t think it was possible,” Abby says. “Not only did he open my eyes to the possibility, but he also continuously provides me with encouragement, positivity, advice, and sets an example of what I want to strive for as a bassist.” Outside of bass work, Abby loves spending time with her two children- Cecilia and Chapman. She says they are her joy and that even if they never play a note of music in their lives, she hopes to be an inspiration to them someday.

To learn more about Abby and her bass work, visit her Facebook page.

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