In the world of marketing, there is little more exciting than working with a business or organization that is just getting started. It’s that “blank slate” feeling of helping an excited client fully realize what their business could be and how it will be represented to their clients. We like to call marketing “Story Sharing”, and it’s always an honor to be there for the chapter 1.

We recently worked with PA based “Legacy in a Glass”, a wine consulting startup to A: Design a brand B: Design all print materials and stationary and C: Create a dynamic website that accomplishes all of their goals.

We typically design up to 3 logo options to start, but our lead designer and developer really hit it out of the park right out of the gate. The logo accomplishes the dual mission of showing the main points in the winemaking process and being versatile and recognizable. The team then carried that brand across the aesthetic of the brand to create a rich feeling portfolio of print marketing materials, video content, and lastly (certainly not leastly, seriously check it out here) their incredible website.

If you are starting a business, rebranding or looking to freshen up the face of your business, schedule a meeting with us and pick our brains for free – Call (570) 212-9586 today or fill out the form below.

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