Cola Creative Rebrand

For Immediate Release: April 1, 2022

If it sounds familiar, it’s because we just did this in 2019. 

But as we grow and adapt to shifting media and marketing landscapes, some of us — well, maybe just one of us — made the unilateral decision to once again redefine what this company is and how it presents itself to the community.

Today, we celebrate enhanced and streamlined capabilities with a brand new logo, new specialized positions and a rework of our service lines.

Our new branding enables us to stand out as a premier service provider in the area, and serve as a beacon for business growth. It also signals to a greater market, including new opportunities in the Lehigh Valley and Western Pennsylvania, that we’re here, and we’re serious about great advertising.

From corporations to mom-and-pop shops, our hands-on, personal approach will give visionaries and entrepreneurs the fuel they need to bring their ideas and brands to life.


New Logo Leads The Way

Our new logo brings a fresh and powerful visual identity, and it serves to characterize the brand as exciting, bold, sleek and simplistic — and it will have you wondering why you’re so thirsty all of a sudden.

Our emphasis on providing passionate, comprehensive, no-nonsense advertising services will be reflected in the discontinuation of our Video Department and the immediate roll out of our Tik Tok Dance Department.

“Coal Creative embodies everything that is great about Northeastern Pennsylvania,” Camaryn Lokuta, Coal Creative’s new President and Chief Executive Officer, said.


That’s Right, She’s In Charge Now

If you’re wondering what Lokuta’s doing leading the company, let’s catch you up. After initiating the rebrand, she seized creative authority as Chief Creative Officer. 

But she was dissatisfied when she realized her potential for meaningful organizational change was limited. So she set her sights on the CEO’s chair.

This all happened literally within the last 24 hours or so. Honestly, we’re feeling the effects of institutional whiplash. 

“I really couldn’t sit by for another minute knowing we had so much potential,” Lokuta said. “I sat down one day and did what I do best, which is clearly reflected in our new logo.”

This might feel like a lot to take in at once, so please watch the brief documentary that our outgoing video department threw together to learn more.


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