We’re excited to announce a complete rebrand for 2019. Due largely to increased growth in 2018, our rebrand will more adequately reflect the scope and scale of our capabilities in the creation of a new website, tagline, logo, and new specialized positions within the team.

Our presence in the Northeastern Pennsylvania marketing scene has developed with our integration of new media production and cutting-edge graphic design techniques for digital, print, and video creations. We intend to continue to increase in these areas while reworking our internal structure for a more streamlined approach to creating personalized content with a focus on storytelling for SMB brands both locally and nationwide.

Our new branding will enable us to stand out as a premier service provider in the area, and serve as a beacon for increasing small and medium business growth in the region. From corporations to mom-and-pop shops, our hands-on, personal approach will give visionaries and entrepreneurs the outlet they need to bring its ideas and brands to life.

“Coal Creative embodies everything that is great about Northeastern Pennsylvania,” Joseph Boylan, Executive Director of Wilkes-Barre Connect stated. “Young, talented and proven individuals, working together as a team to uplift the region with their exceptional quality of work, passion and determination to make an impact. Their ability to listen and customize strategies to meet all types of business across every industry is what sets them apart – and why they are and will continue to be a trusted partner of Wilkes-Barre Connect.”

Our new logo and tagline bring a powerful new visual identity and serve to characterize the brand as exciting, bold, sleek, and simplistic. Our emphasis on providing passionate, comprehensive, no-nonsense advertising services is reflected in our new tagline, “Fuel your marketing.” This word-choice speaks to our capacity to ceaselessly act as the driving force for the tangible application of imagination for companies and their branding through the tumultuous and ever-changing landscape of marketing in the world today.

Contact us to learn more about how our team can fuel your marketing.

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