NEPA Hidden Gems - Featuring a video created by 2021 Summer Intern Victoria Fini

If you haven’t noticed, we’re big fans of our home in Northeastern Pennsylvania. As a summer project, our social media intern Vic Fini set out to find some NEPA hidden gems with a little help from our followers.

Vic is a senior in the University of Scranton’s marketing program, who hails from Goshen, New York. Over the past few years in Scranton, she’s discovered her own favorite spots. For her video project, Vic tapped locals for their input.

A post on the Coal Creative Facebook page brought in a great cross-section of gems. Vic also created specific call-outs — like this restaurant post — on the NEPA Creative Facebook page, which she helped run this summer. 

“I wanted to use social media as a way for people to share their favorite hidden gems,” Vic said. “Our Coal community was very open to sharing their favorite spots!”



The video highlights an array of local businesses and natural resources. The 5 Hidden Gems of NEPA are:


“My favorite thing about the video is the variety of places that I included in it,” Vic reflected. “I was not able to include ALL the unique places that our followers shared, but the business/locations that I chose all fall into different categories.”

Before her internship began, Vic said she was interested in learning about the flow of a creative agency and how projects transform from an idea to a finished product. At the end of her time at Coal Creative, she was struck by how deeply branding drives the process. 

“When working at an agency and having many different clients, it is important for your designs and language to stay in line with that client’s brand,” Vic said.

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