In previous tips, we discussed the lifespan of your average tweet, the importance of quality content on Facebook and the effects that involving your employees can have on your social media reach. Today, I want to put all of these things together and give you a tip that can help you gain a social buzz the next time you make a posting.

How to Create Social Buzz for Free

If you’re like most people on Social Media, one post, one retweet or one share might go unnoticed.

If you take a look around at your newsfeed, you might see that 10 of your friends recently shared a similar posting and now all of a sudden you have a new interest in learning what that posting is all about.

Think back to that posting and the effect it had on you. Why did you care to read about it?

It’s because you saw multiple people that you knew sharing it, people’s opinions that you value.

Now, let’s say you have a big announcement or an upcoming sale that you really need to reach as many people as possible. Before scheduling that post or tweet, send a message out to your employees and even some of your friends.. let them know that you need their help, ask them to share it for you, like it or even comment on it. Ask them to retweet it. As close to the same time as possible.

This effort will help you create a social buzz that should help you reach new eyes, a new audience and potentially new customers.

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