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Curating and cultivating your brand’s image is vital to its perception and popularity with consumers. Your brand’s image is its aura, encompassing everything from your logo to your omnichannel messaging. 

In the modern, interconnected world of online reviews and informed consumers, branding is an important opportunity to develop trust with your audience. An impressive 86% of consumers prefer an authentic image that they feel portrays a brand in an honest, likable fashion [1].

Whether it’s your website, packaging or manifesto, nearly every aspect of your organization can fall under the umbrella of branding. To maintain a consistent, favorable image with your audience and customers, count on Coal Creative to hone your branding strategy and craft campaigns to achieve your business goals.


What is Branding, Exactly?

Your brand is your organization’s unique identity as perceived by consumers [2]. Branding, thus, is a way to distinguish your products, services and organization from others and give it a distinct persona. It’s what makes you stand out and stay remembered.

Some key elements of branding have long included elements such as:

  • Logos
  • Color palette
  • Product design and packaging
  • Jingles or slogans

In today’s digital age, however, a top-tier marketing agency such as Coal Creative pays attention to other key aspects of your brand’s image, including:

  • Website design
  • Online presence
  • Social media presence
  • Messaging across various channels

When crafting a branding strategy for your business or organization, it’s key to keep your image consistent across these different touchpoints. Customers can encounter your brand on a plethora of channels and, when they do, ingenious branding can make the difference between a scroll and a sale. 


How to Craft a Memorable, Marketable Brand Image

When deciding on a direction for your brand, it’s important to craft an image that reflects both your values and your audience. According to recent studies, some common attributes consumers care about when browsing brands include [1]:

  • Shared values – 83%
  • Trustworthiness – 82%
  • Transparency – 66%

In essence, consumers crave a straightforward, consistent brand persona that they can personally relate to. 

But, how can you tie different elements of your brand into an image that conveys reliability and reflects your customer’s sensibilities?

By calling in Coal, the creative agency that brings brilliant branding strategies to our clients. 


Coal Creative: Masters of Bespoke Branding Across Every Industry

Creating a brand image takes vision, artistic aptitude and tact. Modern brands tell stories in order to connect with consumers and, at Coal, we craft compelling brand narratives for consumers to latch onto.

One common element for a brand to begin with is its logo. We offer bespoke logo design services that give your brand (whether budding or established) a recognizable insignia rooted in your values and design style. 

A logo is a brand’s thumbprint. Consider Coal the ink pad. 

We’ve crafted logos for businesses and projects like: 

  • Law firms
  • Wine consultants
  • Streaming series
  • Farms
  • Cemeteries
  • Municipal governments
  • Social networks
  • Live events
  • Academic institutions
  • Retail stores

One common thread runs through all the logos in these diverse spaces: each was carefully crafted to reflect the unique complexity of the brand it represents. With meticulously chosen colors, graphics and design elements, a well-thought-out logo has the power to tell your audience a lot about the brand before even entering the shop.

Coal does more than design lovable logos, however. We can plan, cater and execute every aspect of your organization’s branding, including elements such as:

  • Brand development – Logos are just the beginning for Coal’s devoted brand development team. From print-outs to online presence, we custom craft what your business needs in your brand’s unique style. A consistent aesthetic with elements such as a trademark color palette helps increase your brand recognition—meaning more of your audience recognizes you at a glance from anywhere [1].
  • Print design – Speaking of print-outs, we don’t stop there when it comes to activating your brand IRL. Once we establish your brand’s foundation through expert design emblems and elements, we take to the glossy page. Business cards, brochures, billboards, or even apparel—we’ll help you figure out where your brand can come to life to make an impact on your audience, and then we’ll make it so.
  • Web design – Your website is the foremost space through which customers encounter your brand. Along with a functional flow that facilitates User Experience, your site should uphold the aesthetic design principles that define your brand. It should also contain key information such as blog and news posts, which are extremely salient ways of conveying your brand’s vision and values to your customers.

These aspects and more all contribute to the overall idea and perception of your brand. To ensure they all come together to effectively tell your story, team up with the bonafide branding boffins at Coal Creative. 


Call on Coal to Build Your Branding Strategy

Coal Creative has been serving Northeast Pennsylvania and beyond since 2016. In less than a decade, we’ve worked with numerous organizations, both big and small, to carve out and enact effective branding strategies.

From catered videos aimed at expanding the scope of the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Association to running social and email campaigns for local nonprofits, we’ve done a lot in our backyard in less than a decade. However, while NEPA may be our home, our reach is unbound and we’re always excited for new challenges, whether they be on location or done digitally.

If you’re looking for a proven partner to help you optimize your branding strategy, connect closely with your audience and more powerfully convey your image, then look no further. Request a proposal to see just how big your brand can be.



[1] “26 VITAL BRANDING STATISTICS [2023]: NEED TO KNOW INFO FOR MARKETERS.” Zippia. March 20, 2023. [Online] Available: [Accessed July 24, 2023}

[2] “Brand: Types of Brands and How to Create a Successful Brand Identity.” Investopedia. June 18, 2023. [Online] Available: [Accessed July 24, 2023]

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