video marketing wilkes barre pa“WAIT! You have a teleprompter?!” Relief flooded the face of the nervous client, who clearly had stayed up that extra hour memorizing his pitch the night before — and despite that extra effort, lost every single word once the lights had been clicked on, and the cameras were ready to roll. “That’s incredible! Let’s load up the script” he exclaimed.

Believe it or not, not every business owner is a “natural” when it comes to stepping in front of the lens to pitch their services or products or tell their story, regardless of how patient and reassuring our video production team is.

Oftentimes in the Wilkes-Barre / Scranton area, the most effective way of marketing your business is to put your own face behind it. While national brands might have a spokesperson, or a mascot — in a close knit community like ours, face recognition goes a long way. So when the time comes to do some modern marketing (Check out some stats from optinmonster on the power of utilizing video marketing), trust the award winning video production team at Coal Creative. Fear not, we have a teleprompter.

Checkout a video we recently shot utilizing our trusty teleprompter right here in our green screen studio.

We recently partnered with Wilkes-Barre Connect to produce their April Spotlight Event: Innovate & Accelerate videos. Here is one of three participants who were highlighted: Jocelyn Sterenchock of CANBE Innovation Center!

Schedule a meeting with us and pick our brains for free – Call (570) 212-9586 today or fill out the form below.



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